Most of us live with the notion that future technology will solve most of the worlds problems, but that is not always the case,
Welcome to Haxity.

Haxity is a roguelite, action deck-builder set in a sprawling cyberpunk city, where players fight in an intense strategic battle to take down their opponent. At its core it’s a card game, but it has the feel and presentation of a fighting game.

We are Megapop, a digital development studio creating innovative digital experiences on several different platforms. We have a team filled with industry veterans that have worked on some of the most prestigious projects in Norway.

At the heart we are game developers, and with that in mind we wanted to create a new and exciting twist on the card game genre. The tried and tested formula of minions or creatures attacking some form of a commander is done almost to perfection by several others. We wanted something that resembled a classic fighter game where your own punches, kicks and cybernetics dictated the flow of battle. Adding onto that we found the excitement of building your deck as you go an interesting premise. Combining these elements led us to Haxity.

Haxity plays unlike any game you have played before. It’s an action filled card game with a unique 3 phased combat system. It lends itself well to several different playstyles, and due to the deckbuilding aspect every game is different.

Haxity will feature 2 different modes. The compact “Versus”, where you get pitted against a matchmade opponent or challenge your friend in an intense Bo5s match. Here you will pick a fighter, their starting deck and draft different cards, hacks and mods between each battle phase. Since you are facing the same opponent your goal will be to adapt and overcome whatever your opponent tosses at you.

In addition to “Versus”, Haxity will also feature a longer roguelite campaign mode where you can further explore the possibilities of deckbuilding. You will deepdive into the story of several different characters, experience the neon filled streets of Haxity and meet a plethora of characters in all shapes and sizes.

All of this will be presented with our own 3d rigged fighters that really brings the weight and impact to your moves. Along with our unique aesthetic this will create a feeling of a raw and alive cyberpunk city.

We are really looking forward to let you experience Haxity. We are planning an early access release in Q2 2020. If you want more information about the game, or want to keep up to date on any news regarding it, Wishlist us on Steam for the latest and freshest updates.