Hi everyone!

My name is Delda and I am the community Manager for Haxity. It’s now roughly 2 months since we launched in early access, and we are now readying up the production plans for the fall/winter. Our plan is to have Bi-weekly patches, some large like the “AI: Uprising”, and some smaller with bug fixes, balance and so forth. This Bi-weekly structure will continue until we are happy with how Haxity has turned out.


In addition to this Bi-weekly patch cycle, we are also including an insight into the development and what you can expect in the shortest time frame. This will be a weekly segment called “This week in Haxity”. In this I will be presenting the latest news surrounding Haxity. Sum up the week that came before and also what kind of events you might see coming this week. Our goal is to build an active and engaged community that always have something new to look forward to every week.


Examples of these kind of events is: Playing with the developers, Tournaments, Free weekends, Dev Q&A, Leaderboard breakdowns and more.

So what has actually happened in “Haxity” the last week. We just released our new patch called the “AI: Uprising”, where we did an overhaul on the AI and made it both smarter and more predictable. This is one of several other measures we are now taking to ensure that the gameplay in Campaign feels less RNG and more down to outplaying/outdrafting your given opponent. That said, we still have more plans to make the campaign stand out on its own.


This patch didn’t touch much on the PvP side of things, but if you want to flex your muscles and show your skill, we are hosting a “Playing with the developers” Friday 14.08 16:00 CET. Here, some of us in Megapop will queue up in Matchmaking and you might be lucky enough to be able to face the wrath of one us.


If that’s not enough, I can say the next patch we are working on will be PvP oriented where we will try to experiment with a new Versus format and also adding an incentive to keep playing matchmaking.


But that is it for this time, if you want to discuss more, Discord is where we are most active. We are of course checking Steam forums and other avenues of communication on a daily basis, but for the fastest response Discord is our platform.