During the development of Haxity we read and watched a lot of the great classic cyberpunk fiction, but we also listened a lot to synthwave music for inspiration. Several of us have really fallen in love with this genre of music and listen to it a lot regularly now. As we were working on how to handle the music direction for the game, at some point we asked: “What if we use the synthwave music we listen to, and actually try get music from some of these artists into our game?”


We first contacted Misanthropix, an artist from Brazil, his strong and dark electronic beats really went hand in hand with the punch and fighting game feeling of Haxity. He was helpful to let us test his music in the game, and the feedback we got from it was great! We soon reached out to more artists and figured out the sub-genre of dark synth was really the place for us to be (with dark heavy beats and a lot of the same cyberpunk inspiration we have). Now we are collaborating with 5 different artists and have put together a playlist of music we are really digging and proud to present: Misanthropix, Cyberthing!, Occams Laser, Vector Seven and Neon Ranger!

The artists have all been amazing to work with, helpful and accommodating, and it seems everyone involved are really looking forward to seeing the reception when we release our game. The music we are using are from the artist’s already existing portfolio, so it has not been custom-made for Haxity, something that is a new approach for us, as we usually do it the other way around.




Brazil based artist, “Dark electronic against humans”. His music really proved to us that this kind of music could work in the game. His dark beats have a strong punch and drive to it, perfect for turning on the fighting mode for Haxity.


California based with dark-synth music inspired by the 80s action, horror and sci-fi. His music has a gritty, tense and somewhat “rusty” feeling to it, making it perfect to match the world we are building for Haxity, where the streets are gritty.

“Cyberpunk – is what I am, it is a thing I live for. And I’m always glad to be the part of the something like this game, whose atmosphere is so close to me.” – Cyberthing!

Occams Laser

British music producer, 80s horrors mixed with cyberpunk and modern electronics. His music has a darker and more “occult” feeling to it, setting a nice tone to the fate of many of our characters in Haxity, with darkness looming over them.

“My music has always had a cyberpunk flavour to it and it’s great to see/hear it being put to great use in Haxity.”
– Occams Laser

Vector Seven

“Music from a dystopian future” describes his music, producer from Germany. Vector Seven brings certain industrial element to our playlist that we really enjoy, matching the dystopian setting of Haxity run by mega-corporations, we also have one upbeat track from him included, which gives a nice contrast.

“I love the artstyle of Haxity and I’m super excited to have my music in the game. I feel like it’s a perfect match.”
– Vector Seven

Neon Ranger

Hungary based artist, producing music for films, TV, and games under the label of Titan Slayer. We are using his music for both our trailer and in the opening scene of our game, he has a distinct unique beat that really sets the mood perfectly for Haxity.

“The sound I create is the way I express my vision and Haxity is the environment, where my music emphasizes dark cyberpunk vibes set by the game. I wish best of luck for the release, and thanks again for placing my music! “ – Neon Ranger