Haxity: Recalibrating Development

Hi everyone! Three months have passed since we launched Haxity into early access. During this time we have done a lot of improvements – we have updated the AI, remade Banshee, and squashed numerous bugs. It’s now time for us to chart the road ahead. Haxity was originally envisioned as a pure Player vs Player […]

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Initiate: Haxity Protocol

The day has come and we have pressed the button. Haxity is now live in Early Access on Steam.

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New Launch date June 17

This is an Early Access release, but our vision for Haxity has always been to both deliver a new kind of PvP deck building experience, and a PvE roguelite card gaming experience

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HAXITY Beta event 3.April to 5.April

Join the Discord Community, Get Beta Key

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Fire up your coils, boot up your cyberdeck and jack in.

Haxity will go online as Early Access on Steam 26th of May 2020. Join us in the gritty cyberpunk streets of Haxity, Draft, punch and hack your way through the city as you fight to survive in this roguelite deck-builder card game. Fight online, challenge your friends or terminate the AI. Slot, hack and execute, […]

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Welcome to Haxity

Most of us live with the notion that future technology will solve most of the worlds problems, but that is not always the case, Welcome to Haxity. Haxity is a roguelite, action deck-builder set in a sprawling cyberpunk city, where players fight in an intense strategic battle to take down their opponent. At its core […]

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