DevTapas #01

In the roughly 3 months we have been in Early access we have received a lot of feedback and we are now taking another step in how we can improve the player experience. One of the key takeaways is that our matches are too long. To solve this, we are making some changes to the […]

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This week in Haxity #01

Hi everyone! My name is Delda and I am the community Manager for Haxity. It’s now roughly 2 months since we launched in early access, and we are now readying up the production plans for the fall/winter. Our plan is to have Bi-weekly patches, some large like the “AI: Uprising”, and some smaller with bug […]

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The AI Uprising Update is live

Last week we talked about the AI in Haxity. Some of its shortcomings and what we are aiming to improve. You can read the article HERE. We are now deploying the new and improved AI(full patch notes at the bottom). This patch is the first, with more to come, to address some of the issues […]

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