DevTapas #05

The next build of Haxity is arriving early next week and will introduce some cool features! Online ranked play! We are happy to introduce online ranked play! Progress through the ranks by taking down your opposition. There will be five ranked tiers to climb through this first season. We will add more tiers for the […]

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DevTapas #04

It is always a great experience to watch people play #Haxity, since it gives insight into how other people interact with the game, and what we need to improve. The streamer event one week ago was no exception! Among the issues that were brought up, was the amount of hacks you get before the first […]

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Fast & Furious Update is live with the new Versus Mode

A few weeks ago we announced an update on our plans going forward with our focus recalibrated towards the PvP versus mode. You can read it in full here.   We are now proud to present you all with our new and updated Versus mode: Best-of-Three. The new mode is shorter and more intense, it introduces […]

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DevTapas #03

Changing the game to be focused around a new game mode meant that we had to restructure the tutorial. The most obvious change is the new layout, but there are more important changes. We have observed that some new players don’t understand which moves to slot, when to spend a hack or when to pass […]

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DevTapas #02

Since we are now developing a faster and more compact versus mode we are also taking measures to streamline the actual drafting process. To achieve this we have taken steps to simplify the drafts in the new bests of 3. All move, hack and MOD drafts will be presented as packs, with draft rules and […]

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Haxity: Recalibrating Development

Hi everyone! Three months have passed since we launched Haxity into early access. During this time we have done a lot of improvements – we have updated the AI, remade Banshee, and squashed numerous bugs. It’s now time for us to chart the road ahead. Haxity was originally envisioned as a pure Player vs Player […]

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