HAXITY Beta event 3.April to 5.April

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Fire up your coils, boot up your cyberdeck and jack in.

Fire up your coils, boot up your cyberdeck and jack in. Haxity will go online as Early Access on Steam 26th of May 2020. Join us in the gritty cyberpunk streets of Haxity, Draft, punch and hack your way through the city as you fight to survive in this roguelite deck-builder card game. Fight online, […]

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Character Spotlight | Dr.Ratz

Once, one of the leading scientist of his generation, Dr. Hans Ratz has now fled from society.

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Developer Insight #2 Card Design

“As I started playing digital card games, I got really interested in how they work. I think it brings a whole new dimension to what you can do as opposed how card games traditionally works, and there is still a lot of unexplored potential there that I wanted to explore” – Thomas “Eulogy” Sørensen The […]

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Character Spotlight | Copperson

Today we will take a look at the first character we created for Haxity, Copperson.

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Developer Insight #1 Combat

We will take a deeper look on the general combat of Haxity. Led by Community manager (@DeldaGaming) we have our Producer Erlend Kirkebø explaining the different combat phases in our upcoming title. Footage is from our current inhouse beta client.

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