Hi everyone, with another succesful beta weekend put behind us, we have gathered even more valuable feedback for further development of Haxity. Thank you so much everyone that stopped by.

We are now in a place where are really happy with the PvP experience Haxity has to offer, we feel we really have something unique here, and we are really happy to see that our community is embracing this.

This is an Early Access release, but our vision for Haxity has always been to both deliver a new kind of PvP deck building experience, and a PvE roguelite card gaming experience. And as many of you might know by now, we have not been quite able to finish our Campaign mode just yet. To reach the content and quality we feel we need for the Campaign, we will need a few more weeks of polish and improvements. This will ensure that we will deliver a game we are proud to call ours.

The new date for Early Access launch will be June 17. In the meantime you can all join the Discord Community for more discussions about the game or anything you might fancy.