As we prep the completely free ‘Haxity’ experience from the 15th of February, we have just launched our latest update to the game. It is now available on the Live servers. You can expect a range of tweaks, fixes and gameplay improvements. We believe it is the best ‘Haxity’ experience to date, and the game is now fully ready for the free era.


For a full list of changes, please review the patch notes. Beyond that, enjoy!

Team Haxity

Patchnotes 0.8.33


  • Maximum hack hand size is now 6.

User Interface

  • The shop should show the correct timer.
  • Fixed UI issue where the client was stuck after disconnecting from a game.
  • Death animations now play after being defeated with an Expend card.
  • The correct versus opponent should now be shown in the UI.
  • Added popup for opponent draw and discard piles.
  • Mod cards are now displayed when their effects are triggered.
  • Temporary and created cards are no longer shown as revealed cards.
  • Fixed an issue where hacks you saw were not always marked as revealed.
  • Manual has been updated.


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