Hi everyone! Three months have passed since we launched Haxity into early access. During this time we have done a lot of improvements – we have updated the AI, remade Banshee, and squashed numerous bugs. It’s now time for us to chart the road ahead.

Haxity was originally envisioned as a pure Player vs Player deckbuilder game. The game systems, how the combat flows, and how decks are constructed, are all based on facing a human opponent. Your feedback so far during early access, tells us that it’s in PvP, with its guessing, prediction, and mind games, that Haxity truly shines.


After the initial PvP best of five versus mode went live, we started implementing a single player campaign. Our goal was to create a relaxed and fun experience that would stack up against other purely PvE roguelite deckbuilders. However, building a single player mode like this, based on the mechanics of Haxity, has proved quite a challenge.


We believe we ended up with an ultimately unsatisfying experience, with a single player campaign that never truly matched the quality and fun of fighting other players. In addition, this did split the development team’s focus.


We want to make what we believe is the best possible Haxity experience. Therefore, we are halting development on the Campaign, to focus only on the Versus mode instead. The goal for us is to create a better and faster PvP experience for you, and for all of our players.


We are doing something truly unique in the deckbuilder genre, and it’s in PvP the future of Haxity will lie.

Should we see that the game continues to grow, and gets a healthy PvP playerbase, it may anyhow be room for adding PvE content. But it has to be uniquely Haxity, and not a replica of what is quickly turning into market standards for deckbuilders. These are decisions we will naturally seek community input on, just like we have done for the focus areas for the next few months.


  • Matches will be shortened, allowing you to play more games in the same amount of time. This was a highly requested feature from our community, and we are addressing it by creating a new best of three mode. This will keep the fun core fighting gameplay, but the full matches will be quicker and more intense.
  • The drafting phase phase of the match will be made faster, more consistent, and more tactical. You will be able to see your deck on screen when you draft. This will make building a great deck a smoother experience.
  • A new league system will allow you to progress and compare yourself to other players. You will gain and lose ranks based on how well you do in each match. We will go into more details on the ranking system and how it will work at a later date. Can you reach the lofty Chrome and Neon leagues, or will you be stuck in the dirt? Only time will tell!
  • We are continually improving the tutorial. A deep strategic game like Haxity, with its many layers and mechanics, can feel a bit overwhelming to a fresh player. Even though the streets of Haxity are rough and filled to the brim with danger, we want new players to have fun, experimenting at their own pace, before facing the more experienced players.
  • No-one enjoys waiting in a queue. We want to make that wait a bit more enjoyable. While you are looking for a suitable opponent, you will be able to look at cards, or perhaps test out a new combo vs an AI.


We wish to establish a healthy player base for online play. Therefore, there will soon be a Free weekend, where new players can come in and test out the game for themselves. We saw huge success with the free beta weekends back before we launched into early access, and we plan to replicate that success on Steam.


We are partnering up with content creators that have an interest in new and upcoming card games, and we will be building our community brick by brick in the coming months.


We’ll see you in the streets of Haxity!


Haxity Team