This is a big thing! We are making ‘Haxity” entirely FREE, taking effect from February 15th.


While we have received lots of positive feedback on the game, with a range of voices calling it the best deck-builder they have ever played, we have sadly not succeeded in making ‘Haxity’ a commercial success. At least not yet.


Being an indie game developer is inherently about managing risks. It is difficult to make a commercially successful game, while penetrating the “jungle of attention”. We knew we were taking risks when we decided to make a new type of PvP card game. The deck-builder genre hadn’t even had its major breakthrough when we started developing Haxity. That kind of risk. We also knew we were taking a risk when we made the game a fair “premium” game, vs. making it all free. That our final year of development and hype stretch ended up in the middle of a global pandemic was an added ‘bonus’ to those risks.


Sadly, all these risks have reached their conclusion, for now. And it did not end up the way we have worked so hard for.



We have thus reached the conclusion that we can no longer support having a development team on the game. The patch we are launching this week is then likely the last update for a long while.
However, by making it entirely free, we are removing all barriers on entering the game, and new players can pick it up for no cost whatsoever. We will keep the servers up and running, and will observe the game and the community from the side. Crossing our fingers for new players joining the brawl, the community growing and the game maybe picking up the virality it needs to thrive.


We know fans have played the game for hundreds and hundreds of hours and put in tons of effort to help us with detailed feedback, testing and with building our community. Your effort has been priceless to us, and we can’t thank you enough for the journey we have been on together. You have all been amazing, and we are very grateful for our amazing community! Together we made a great game, a game we are very proud of.


We know this wasn’t the announcement you were waiting for, and that you would have wished for us to keep on developing and improving the game. Hopefully, by making ‘Haxity’ free it will make it easier to find new players to challenge.


Beyond that, we are creative people. We know that this journey in the games industry is a rollercoaster. You will surely hear from us again, with other games on the same quality level as ‘Haxity’.


Team Haxity