With ‘Total Recall Update’ we have introduced some of the most demanded features by our loyal fans. These include new options and improvements in existing systems so players can have a smooth and more dynamic experience when fighting online.



New features


  • You can see the opponent’s cards that have been revealed to you during the current fight. After the fight, this will be revealed until the next fight starts. Cards that were never played will now remain hidden after a fight
  • Hack cards that had exactly the same name as a keyword now have different names
  • Created cards now show which effect created them

User Interface

  • Hack log added to the game. You can now see which hacks have been played at what targets
  • The user interface of the tutorial and matches has been streamlined further
  • Each fighter has gained unique emotes
  • Your cyberdeck console gives more feedback on illegal plays
  • Fixed some timer issues. Draft timers have been slightly extended
  • Mods have been added to the armory
  • Anonymous mode added for streamers
  • All ranked badges have been added to the game
  • Improved some of the art while waiting for matchmaking

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Players that lose their network connection or have a client crash while playing online, can now reconnect and continue the game.
  • Fixed an issue where emotes and card movements would delay showing player actions, this should make the game feel more responsive.



Free Weekend and Discount

To celebrate the new update Megapop wants to give the chance to everyone to try Haxity and enjoy the fight. For that reason Haxity will be available for free on Steam from Thursday December 3 at 08AM PST / 05 PM CET to Sunday December 6 at 01PM PST / 10PM CET). During that time, all players that try the game and want to extend their citizenship in Haxity will have available a 30% discount, from Thursday December 3 at 08AM PST / 05PM CET to Tuesday December 8 at 08AM PST / 05PM CET.


There will be a Developer Livestream on Steam to celebrate the start of the Free Weekend to show the new features of the game and answer questions from the community.


Streamer Brawl event


This Saturday December 5, from 09AM PST / 06PM CET to 12PM PST / 09PM CET, we will organize a ‘Streamer Brawl’ event where some really cool streamers will play Haxity and anyone will have the chance to challenge them.


Here you can see the schedule of some of the streamers that will be available to fight:



You can expect more details next Thursday. Meanwhile, join the discussion in our Discord Community.