Afterlife! All good things do not always come to an end. This is now true for Haxity. We found a way to keep on having the PvP portion of the game alive. We simply felt bad about turning off the (expensive) live servers for Haxity, as that would have meant the end of the game, and the unique PvP experience. After all, fighting with other players is what the game is all about, and this is also what the game excels at.

So then, for you and any future players who love the game, we decided to invest some weeks of coding. Why? How?

Well, we’re really glad to say that PvP will still be on. We have swapped out the codebase, making it into a Peer to Peer system (P2P) through Steam. Auto matchmaking will no longer be possible, but PvP gameplay will be, but then through the Steam friend invites. Out of all the solutions we could have made, we felt this was the best we could do for the players. And our own developer honor.

We believe this solution will ensure that everyone can keep on enjoying the game, together, and for free. We are now putting this version of the game on experimental, and in a weeks’ time, or so, we will make this branch the main branch of the game.

We are incredibly proud of the work we did with Haxity, and we keep on believing we made a very strong and unique deck-builder. It will always be the worlds’ first digital PVP deck-builder.

Sadly we did not find commercial success with the game, so we are now putting our minds into our next game (Rob Riches, coming to Steam in October). But, Haxity will then at least get an Afterlife.

Best regards,

Team Haxity