Yiha! The first update for Haxity is soon going out to all players. A focus for this very first update is making Banshee even better, and perhaps a bit easier, to play!

We asked Game Director Thomas Sørensen for some sagely words on the matter, and he made some words for what the changes means, and how you as a player will be positively affected. As always, if you wanna discuss the changes head over to our Discord.

The Banshee Revamp


Banshee is an assassin on rollerblades! She has high burst damage, lots of tricks and very little tools in terms of mitigating damage.

Why a revamp?

  • First of all, to give Banshee a stronger overall identity.
  • This will make it easier for new players to start playing banshee, by having simpler common cards)
    • We want to allow players to not be locked into a specific character when they start playing the game. Banshee had too many, situational and/or complicated cards which didn’t provide a good starting experience for (in particular) new players.
  • We wanted to revitalize the Banshee hack archetype (Hackshee)
    • After many rounds of card adjustments, and conflicting ideas, we felt that the archetype had lost its way, of sorts. It got so complicated it lost some of the the funnest combo/control playstyles she used to have.
  • Re-purpose unused or underused cards.
    • Banshee had multiple cards that were considered unplayable for most players.
  • We were not happy with the way the Charged mechanic worked, and we have received feedback from multiple people that it was confusing.
  • We also wanted to enable more card-specific strategies

What are the moves we have made for this update?

  • We have simplified the Charged mechanic since the mechanic was too convoluted. Also added more cards that supported the “charged matters” archetype.
    • Charged is completely removed when card fails to execute.
    • The keywords Recharge and Uncharged have been removed.
  • Gave the hack archetype more tools and a stronger direction
    • More ways to gain temporary energy
    • Cost reduction on hacks created during a fight
  • Removed or repurposed cards that were confusing or underplayed.
    • Strength matters and expend are no longer considered “themes” or fully supported builds for Banshee anymore.
  • Enabled more card-specific strategies and cards that change your strategy
    • We felt some of the rares were either too weak, or didn’t provide any interesting play-patterns. We have added new rares, or adjusted some of the rares we had to hopefully provide more interesting rare picks.

As you can see, a rather big update for Banshee in this update! We really look forward to feedback on her new ways, and do let us know if you have additional ideas for improvement.