The PvP Ranked play arrives to Haxity with the Fight Club update. Read all the details below…

New features

Ranked online play has been added to Haxity! Fight your way up through the ranks and divisions to show everyone who is the meanest and most elite street samurai around.

Tips, tricks, lore, as well as several pieces of lovely hand-drawn art, have been added to the matchmaking screen. The Megacorp Customer Relations Department hopes this will make queueing much more enjoyable for our valued clients!

A first, basic version of emotes has been added. Right click on the screen and say what’s on your mind. Expect an expanded system with more ways to taunt and/or congratulate your opponent in future builds.


  • The in-game tooltips and the tutorial have been improved to use wording more consistent with the cards and mods.
  • The user interface of the tutorial and matches has been streamlined.
  • The Megacorp Technical Support Department does not necessarily agree that there were any bugs in the previous 0.7.37 version of the Megacorp Combat Enhancer (™) Console, but is very happy to report that if there were any, they would have been fixed – free of charge – in the new 0.8.11 version.

Gameplay changes

  • User interface improvements to card packs, shop, and draft for the new Best of Three game mode.
  • Tutorial updated to match the Best of Three game mode.
  • AI decks updated and balanced for the Best of Three game mode.

Bug fixes

  • Players are no longer kicked from matches prematurely. Thanks for the detailed bug report, Rhode!
  • Players no longer have to wait for the draft timer to run out after the first pack draft, before the fighting can start. This issue also prevented friendly fights from starting.
  • The AI again understands that starters are better when played in the first slot, and finishers are better when played in the last slot.
  • Doing things really quickly in the menus, before the server connection is up, no longer should cause various issues.

Known Issues

You can lose the tutorial. What can we say, Haxity is a mean place.


You can join the discussion and the fight in our Discord community.