A few weeks ago we announced an update on our plans going forward with our focus recalibrated towards the PvP versus mode. You can read it in full here.


We are now proud to present you all with our new and updated Versus mode: Best-of-Three. The new mode is shorter and more intense, it introduces new ways of drafting and building your deck (now you get to open packs!!!) and it brings a few quality of life improvements! This is the first step of our goal to make sure Haxity has the foundations of a thriving online multiplayer game.

One of our main goals with Haxity is to create a truly unique PvP deck-building card game and to make sure it’s fun to play versus other players. We have gotten tons of feedback from our community and testers which has been invaluable for us to help guide our direction. Our main motivation for the new Versus mode was to provide a faster play experience, the new game mode is Best-of-Three instead of Best-of-Five, making it much easier for players to commit to a match, and also making it a bit easier to “just play one more”.


We also believe our changes to the drafting will be welcome, making it more exciting to start a new match and open packs of cards to draft from, as well as improving draft visualization with a deck list available. You can read more details on our thoughts behind the new draft in our DevTapas here.


We have updated our tutorial to better reflect the new versus mode and hopefully it will give new players a bit better understanding for the game and it’s strategy as well. Read more here.

To celebrate the new update we are running a discount at -30% throughout this weekend and we have invited a streamer to join our team to brawl it out today (Friday October 02. 18:45 GMT+2.) join us if you want to be part of the fray!

We look forward to meeting you in the streets of Haxity and would very much like to know what you think about the new versus mode. Join our DISCORD if you want to give feedback, challenge other players, or chat with the community and developers.


The Fast & Furious update feature includes:

  • New versus mode: Best-of-Three available for everyone!
  • Old game modes temporarily disabled – we want to focus our players in on the same game mode with this version.
  • New interface for drafting and deck-building, deck list on the side.
  • Updated and improved tutorial to better reflect the new game mode.
  • Improvements for game and menu flow.
  • Fixed bugs and stability for online play: bug with cards sometimes being non-interactable, bug with players getting stuck while drafting, bug with players occasionally being kicked during a match and many more!

Haxity Team