This week we have continued working towards improving the Ranked System to deliver the best competitive experience for Haxity players. An important part of this is showing players correctly their progress.

In today’s #DevTapas we will share more details about the Ranked System Badges.

Badges Badges Badges

When we created the ranked system, we decided to use badges to visualize your rank. Each tier has a custom design where we try to combine established tier names like “silver” and “gold” with a unique Haxity twist, and our artist Zooey really nailed this unholy marriage!



How the system works:

  • We have 5 tiers.
  • We have 4 divisions per tier.
  • Each division requires 100 rank points to go to the next division.
  • You gain approximately 25 points per game won, depending on matchmaking differences… Losing a game multiplies this by a factor, that starts at 0 at the lowest tier, and goes up to almost 1 at the higher tier.

The Concept behind the badges


Here you can see the badge structure:



Zooey explains you each part:

  • Players start with a “core” badge, which is the black circle in the middle, cables hanging out, etc.
  • When the player rises through the tiers the badge gets “upgraded” with better and better hardware casing.
  • The upgrade analogy is Tech:
    • Core Component -> Consumer Electronics -> Street Hacker Tech -> Megacorp Executive Tech -> Military Grade Ninja Tech (from the future)
  • All these tech items are modded/hacked (hence the cables)
  • The “red” glowing color of the text will be adapted according to tier color (yellow, blue, etc.)
  • Casing color the same “gold, silver,” etc.


By the way, if you are wondering why about the pink blades and the rink… They are there to pave the way for the Next Tier. This one will be pure energy/holographic. So for transition reasons we had to introduce some holographic elements in Tier 5.


That’s all for now! Remember, you can join the discussion in our Discord Community.