Last week we participated in the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest, and hosted various events for the community. We had a developer live stream, Steam discounts, and many streamers were enjoying the game. We rounded it all off with a tournament with our community.


It was an incredible experience that has also given us a lot of useful feedback from our players. Today, we wanted to talk about some of the things we have learned, and how we are planning to improve Haxity in the future.

Drafts and timers

We saw some streamers and players were struggling a bit with the duration and visibility of the timers in online ranked play, and are looking into various ways to improve this.


We are working on improving timer feedback, in drafts, shops, and while fighting. This should fix the issue where players were not aware they were timing out.


In addition, we will test speeding up the initial draft, by putting a few more hacks and basic moves into the starting deck, and removing some packs. This will give you more time to read the cards, make draft choices, and get you faster into the action.


Some common moves will be simplified a bit. This should make it easier to evaluate them, and reduce the amount of text you have to read during drafts.


You can expect some of these changes to go into the next patch!


We are also looking into whether we can make the first draft happen before you enter the ranked matchmaking queue, giving you all the time you need to get ready, and read the cards. This is a fairly large change, but we think it will make the game more accessible to new players, and reduce the match time. One way this will affect the strategy of Haxity will be that you don’t know who you are fighting before the first game starts. This will increase the importance of making a balanced first deck, and of countering effectively in the shop afterwards.


Please come tell us on our Discord if you think this is a good idea!


Have a happy Halloween, and enjoy this spooky card art from Haxity!