The next build of Haxity is arriving early next week and will introduce some cool features!

Online ranked play!

We are happy to introduce online ranked play! Progress through the ranks by taking down your opposition. There will be five ranked tiers to climb through this first season. We will add more tiers for the very best players in coming seasons.



Would you like to taunt your opponents after you cleverly counter all their moves, or congratulate them on a well-executed strategy? We have started adding emotes to Haxity, so you no longer have to stay silent!

You can right-click anywhere on the screen during a fight to bring up the emote menu. If you prefer to fight your enemies in (relative) peace, you can click on your opponent’s portrait to mute them. Expect the range of emotes to be expanded in the near future!


New Matchmaking Screen

We have added useful tips and tricks about how to play Haxity, as well as some lore, to the matchmaking screen. Additionally, we have spiced this screen up with a collection of beautiful drawings of the streets of Haxity!

Remember that you can comment this changes in our Discord community.


Thomas ‘eulogy’ Sørensen
Game Director