Changing the game to be focused around a new game mode meant that we had to restructure the tutorial. The most obvious change is the new layout, but there are more important changes.

We have observed that some new players don’t understand which moves to slot, when to spend a hack or when to pass your turn, but they seem to get it almost immediately after a short explanation. Some of these problems can (and will) be solved by better UI/UX, but having a good tutorial will make sure all players grasp the fundamental concepts before going head-to-head in a PvP match.

For this (soon to be released) version, all new players will be asked if they want to play the tutorial. We have also made sure that the tutorial fits better with the new game mode.


There are more tutorial and onboarding changes in the pipeline, and we would love to get your feedback – did you struggle to understand any concepts/parts of the game when you started playing Haxity?


Thomas ‘eulogy’ Sørensen
Game Director