Since we are now developing a faster and more compact versus mode we are also taking measures to streamline the actual drafting process. To achieve this we have taken steps to simplify the drafts in the new bests of 3. All move, hack and MOD drafts will be presented as packs, with draft rules and guarantees.

When you open a basic pack, you get to pick 2 moves out of 6. Each pack is guaranteed to have at least one move of each color, and a certain rarity distribution. There is also a karma system working in the background, which increases the likelihood of getting a rare card the more packs you have opened without seeing one.


Having easily recognizable draft packs with a simple rule set means that it should be easier for new players to get into Haxity. We also believe it will be less taxing for existing players, since you don’t have to read a bunch of text each time you are presented with a choice.

This and several other changes to the versus mode are coming very soon, so stay posted.


Thomas ‘eulogy’ Sørensen
Game Director