Put on a leash, tortured and hunted. Once, one of the leading scientist of his generation, Dr. Hans Ratz has now fled from society. Deep within the sewers of Haxity you will find his lab. With his body, mutated by his own serum, and an army of rats he will force the world to recognize his brilliance.




Dr.Ratz combines a genius mind with a savage feral aggression, creating one deadly skill based fighter. Clawing, commanding rats and unleashing experiments, few can stand toe-to-toe with the plague doctor 

His main strategies revolves around either Infect, Debuff or Swarm. And as in any deckbuilder you can combine and adapt to whatever Haxity tosses at you.


Infect is a debuff specifically made for Dr.Ratz. Each stack of infect makes the opponent take 5% more damage.


Making your opponent Infected, Vulnerable, Weak and Broken will have explosive results


Dr.Ratz never leaves the sewer without his trusted minions.

Controlled Chaos

Dr.Ratz also has some cards that fit into any of his other archetypes

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