‘Keep on Hacking in the Free World’ Update

As we prep the completely free ‘Haxity’ experience from the 15th of February, we have just launched our latest update to the game. It is now available on the Live servers. You can expect a range of tweaks, fixes and gameplay improvements. We believe it is the best ‘Haxity’ experience to date, and the game […]

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Haxity gets more competitive with the Total Recall Update

With ‘Total Recall Update’ we have introduced some of the most demanded features by our loyal fans. These include new options and improvements in existing systems so players can have a smooth and more dynamic experience when fighting online.     New features Cards You can see the opponent’s cards that have been revealed to […]

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Fight Club update: Welcome to the Ranked PvP play!

The PvP Ranked play arrives to Haxity with the Fight Club update. Read all the details below… New features Ranked online play has been added to Haxity! Fight your way up through the ranks and divisions to show everyone who is the meanest and most elite street samurai around. Tips, tricks, lore, as well as […]

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DevTapas #05

The next build of Haxity is arriving early next week and will introduce some cool features! Online ranked play! We are happy to introduce online ranked play! Progress through the ranks by taking down your opposition. There will be five ranked tiers to climb through this first season. We will add more tiers for the […]

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Fast & Furious Update is live with the new Versus Mode

A few weeks ago we announced an update on our plans going forward with our focus recalibrated towards the PvP versus mode. You can read it in full here.   We are now proud to present you all with our new and updated Versus mode: Best-of-Three. The new mode is shorter and more intense, it introduces […]

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The AI Uprising Update is live

Last week we talked about the AI in Haxity. Some of its shortcomings and what we are aiming to improve. You can read the article HERE. We are now deploying the new and improved AI(full patch notes at the bottom). This patch is the first, with more to come, to address some of the issues […]

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