Haxity goes 100% Free on February 15th

This is a big thing! We are making ‘Haxity” entirely FREE, taking effect from February 15th.   While we have received lots of positive feedback on the game, with a range of voices calling it the best deck-builder they have ever played, we have sadly not succeeded in making ‘Haxity’ a commercial success. At least […]

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Haxity Free Weekend and Streamer Brawl Event

We are proud to announce the start of the Free Weekend for Haxity together with a 30% discount on Steam. You can join a Developer Livestream coming today to know what’s new on Haxity and ask to the developers any question you have.     On saturday we will host an epic ‘Streamer Brawl’ event […]

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Haxity gets more competitive with the Total Recall Update

With ‘Total Recall Update’ we have introduced some of the most demanded features by our loyal fans. These include new options and improvements in existing systems so players can have a smooth and more dynamic experience when fighting online.     New features Cards You can see the opponent’s cards that have been revealed to […]

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DevTapas #08

This month we have continued working towards improving the competitive and social features for Haxity. We are planning to release a new update in the coming weeks that will be followed by some special events that we will announce soon!   Reconnect System   The team has been busy working on adding reconnect support to […]

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DevTapas #07

This week we have continued working towards improving the Ranked System to deliver the best competitive experience for Haxity players. An important part of this is showing players correctly their progress. In today’s #DevTapas we will share more details about the Ranked System Badges. Badges Badges Badges When we created the ranked system, we decided […]

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DevTapas #06

Last week we participated in the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest, and hosted various events for the community. We had a developer live stream, Steam discounts, and many streamers were enjoying the game. We rounded it all off with a tournament with our community.   It was an incredible experience that has also given us a […]

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