Haxity… Afterlife!

Afterlife! All good things do not always come to an end. This is now true for Haxity. We found a way to keep on having the PvP portion of the game alive. We simply felt bad about turning off the (expensive) live servers for Haxity, as that would have meant the end of the game, […]

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The Single Player Campaign strikes back!

What do you know! After demands from players we just re-enabled the single player campaign in Haxity. So, the game is now fully playable in single-player again. Enjoy! If you still haven’t added the game. Go to Steam and download it for free. Instructions to play the single player campaign: Right click Haxity in your Steam […]

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Haxity goes FREE Now!

One month ago, we announced that this was going to happen and finally, Haxity opens its doors to everyone to join the fight and experience its unique deck-builder card battler set in a cyberpunk city where only the strongest can survive!   The game is NOW available for free with all its contents and without […]

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‘Keep on Hacking in the Free World’ Update

As we prep the completely free ‘Haxity’ experience from the 15th of February, we have just launched our latest update to the game. It is now available on the Live servers. You can expect a range of tweaks, fixes and gameplay improvements. We believe it is the best ‘Haxity’ experience to date, and the game […]

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Haxity goes 100% Free on February 15th

This is a big thing! We are making ‘Haxity” entirely FREE, taking effect from February 15th.   While we have received lots of positive feedback on the game, with a range of voices calling it the best deck-builder they have ever played, we have sadly not succeeded in making ‘Haxity’ a commercial success. At least […]

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Haxity Free Weekend and Streamer Brawl Event

We are proud to announce the start of the Free Weekend for Haxity together with a 30% discount on Steam. You can join a Developer Livestream coming today to know what’s new on Haxity and ask to the developers any question you have.     On saturday we will host an epic ‘Streamer Brawl’ event […]

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